Did you watch your colleague scramble for a last minute jersey to show their support during FIFA World Cup? Perhaps, you had a friend who unexpectedly went missing during the month long tournament. The stories that we hear about the lengths that people go to involve themselves in the world’s most watched sporting competition rarely disappoint. Believe it or not, they rarely surprise us.

What we do wonder is if those who befriend and/or bae these closeted and not-so-closeted soccer consumers know exactly who they are dealing with?

It was a question that our founder often thought about when she would play with guys at parks from Los Angeles to Atlanta. These boyfriends, husbands and partners dedicated their weekday evenings to get in a few games, often times not wrapping up until 8:30 or 9:00 p.m.

Did their significant others know how much time that they would be splitting with the beautiful game?

So with the idea of having a little fun and making those soccer commitment? conversations a bit easier, we created the Which Kind of Soccer Soulmate Are You? quiz. It’s a 7 question personality test that is sure to bring a bit of humor and meaningful insight to your nearest and dearest soccer fan.

We look forward to hearing your experiences with the quiz below!