Oakley Artesian Water

Oakley Artesian Water

What is your preferred beverage to drink? According to Beverage Daily, bottled water is the top choice among U.S. consumers for the second year in a row. At a year over year increase of 8.8%, sales now total $18.5 billion with a per capita consumption of 42 gallons.

Americans have been a gradually shifting away from carbonated soda drinks towards this healthier option, and the International Bottled Water Association cites convenience and refreshment as additional drivers of this growing trend. From the sidelines of youth soccer tournaments to the domestic stadiums of international friendlies, we believe soccer fans are a part of this movement.

This month Relevent Sports is serving as the presenter for two international friendlies that feature the 16th ranked, Colombian National Team. A perfect opportunity to highlight a bottled water tie-in for the U.S. based supporters of Los Cafeteros (The Coffee Growers), we have spent extensive time in Bogota, Barranquilla and Cartagena, and know about the unique container that is commonly used for water. From handheld to large volume packaging that requires two hands, water is sold in bags.

A 2017 Pew Research study estimates that there are a little more than one million Colombians living in the United States.  With 61% of these residents being born abroad, this small packaging detail can elicit nostalgic feelings.

While roaming the aisles of our local grocery store, Oakley Artesian Water grabbed our attention. The water is sourced from the federally protected Uintah Arch Paleozoic Aquifer in Utah and sealed in an Evo-Pak pouch. Resembling a bag, it is a collapsible, BPA-free, freezer and heat safe container that comes with a convenient closure mechanism and carrying clip.

Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing advocates that to build relationships with consumers who have an affinity for Mexican, Central and/or South American soccer brands must leverage authentic, cultural connections.

For a brand like Oakley Artesian Water, we believe its packaging can evoke the memories of quenching their thirst just like home but in an eco-friendlier way.