Director of Youth Football Jordi Roura

While in New York City for FC Barcelona's participation in LaLiga Promise's 3rd annual international soccer tournament, Director of Youth Football Jordi Roura held a brief Q&A during a reception held in his honor at the club's Park Avenue office.

The esteemed former player and manager oversees the development of all youth players at La Masia and was accompanied by his staff, as well as the fifteen youth players taking part in this past weekend's tournament.

Understanding that there has been an increased parental involvement of the sport, Roura detailed three guidelines FC Barcelona adheres to when players (and their families) enter the academy.

1. Closed Practices: There is only one open training session that parents can attend each week.  All others are closed.

2. Parents Rep the Club: From the very beginning, the academy teaches parents that they too are representatives of FC Barcelona.  Therefore, they are instructed in the club's philosophy of social media manners, winning right and playing fair.

3. La Masia 360: Pioneering a holistic youth player development environment, FC Barcelona meets with each student and their family on the first day to explain how the club functions, pair them with a tutor, psychological support and other adaptation services to ensure they are providing a level playing field for each student to win.

What are your thoughts on these policies? And, how do you think American clubs can successfully put some of these guidelines to practice? We would love to hear your thoughts below.